Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Estate Sale?

The term “Estate Sale” generally refers to the sale of personal property i.e. furniture, china, glassware, books, linens etc. It differs from a garage sale in that it usually involves the entire contents of a household and is normally held inside the home.

Why hire a professional?

Holding your own estate sale involves a tremendous amount of preparation; far more than people realize. It will demand a great deal of your time, organization and research. In addition to that, there are numerous common traps to navigate which these combined conditions create, especially during an already stressful time.

How do we get started?

We know that each estate is unique. First, we will sit down with you and listen. You tell us what you want to accomplish and that becomes our goal. We carefully consider your goals. We study the layout of your home and determine the best way to showcase the estate. After meeting with you, we will make a plan to set up and position the sale the most efficient way to accomplish your goals.

When do you pay me?

We provide you with the proceeds of the sale, an itemized list of everything that sold for $50.00 or more and the house keys, less our commission no later than 5 business days after the conclusion of the sale.

What should I throw away and what should I keep?

We always advise our clients NOT to throw anything away until they have met with us.

What about all my things that are in the attic or hard to get to places? Do you move furniture from room to room?

No, We do not go into attics or hard to reach areas. That is your responsibility to get those things into the main areas for pricing. We do not move furniture from room to room. If you are not able to do so, we can arrange for that but it will be an extra charge for the movers to do so. We also ask that you take all pictures that are still in their frames and remove them. We also advise you to take all your personal items out of drawers and put them in a safe spot outside of the estate.